Best Survival Fire Starters: A Complete Guide

You need to have a good survival fire-starter to help you out with keeping yourself warm in the event of an emergency. This is especially important for when you’re looking for a fire source for preparing meals in the wild. There are many good survival fire-starters that you can use for your general needs right now.

Best Survival Fire Starters: A Complete Guide

What is it Made of?

A survival fire-starter has to be made with only the strongest materials to help you out with your general needs. Magnesium is clearly one of the best items that you can use when getting something ready. This is thanks to how it is a little more powerful and stronger.

Magnesium is a better option for the steel used on a fire-starter as it will create a stronger amount of heat when struck properly. The shavings that are generated off of the fire-starter will be warmer and easier to handle as needed.

This in turn ensures that the fire-starter will get a fire ready in as little time as possible. Many items like the SharpSurvival SurvivalSpark Best Firestarter are made with magnesium to create better fires in as little time as possible.

How are the Pieces Made?

Regardless of the metal material that the fire-starter has, it needs to be made with a series of pieces that are easy to strike together so metal shavings can be easily generated. A fire-starter has to feature a series of easy to handle pieces that are good for anyone to grip onto.

A fire-starter must feature a good handle that will allow for the items to be struck together while also allowing you to keep a steady grip during the whole process, thus making it easier for the fire-starter to work for you.

Keep it All Together

You might not think that there’s a real need to consider what keeps two pieces together but the truth is that you need to get a quality material used to connect both parts so you won’t be at risk of losing them.

This is also to help you get a better grip on your fire-starter so the pieces will not be too far apart. You need to keep the pieces together while striking them as this works best when you have smaller movements when striking the parts together. It is hard to achieve these smaller movements if a rope or other cable doesn’t connect the two parts.

For instance, the Ultimate Survival Technologies Spark Force Firestarter uses a rope material to keep the two parts together. This helps with ensuring that the two pieces are together and will not be lost. You must make sure when finding a good survival fire-starter that you are finding an option that is easy to handle without being far too difficult to work with or being at risk of being lost.

Plenty of Uses

The magnesium or other material being used in your fire-starter must be strong enough to where whatever you have will be steady and strong. You need to keep your materials powerful enough to where they will not weaken all that easily as you have to make sure it’s easy to manage and work with no matter how much work you want to make it in.

Many products can work for thousands of strikes. This is thanks to how thick a metal bar will be as it will contain enough fibers to ensure that it will not run out of shavings all that quickly.

The fact that these shavings will especially be small in size can help. The Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel 2.0 model is a great example of this in that it has enough metal materials to handle about 12,000 strikes before it finally wears out.

Don't Forget the Emergency Signal

An emergency signaling feature can be found on a number of these great products. Depending on what you order, you can get either a whistle that may be added to the end of a kit or you can get a darker body on your Firestarter that can create a better-looking spark that will glow properly. This in turn can create a good emergency signal.

Of course, this works best when paired with other emergency materials that can let people know where you are at a given time. This ensures that you can be seen and heard if you are stranded for any reason.

Sometimes a compass may be added to create an extra bit of security. A compass may be added to help with identifying where one is at any time and can also help out with making it easier for a person to easily figure out where one is.

The Best Survival Fire Starter: Editor's Choice

best survival fire starter

The Ferrocerium Fire-Starter is the best option to look for when finding a great survival fire-starter for your needs.

This is a compact model that comes with a magnesium rod that will generate better embers in as little time as needed. The magnesium rod is sturdy enough to last for thousands of uses.

This is all made with a slim material that can strike the magnesium rod to create the sparks needed for a fire. The slim material is even paired with a grooved end that works as its own metal knife. This is all connected with a cloth connecting setup that makes it easier for the rod to work as needed.


  • The magnesium rod is strong enough to stay intact and will not weaken over time.
  • The cloth connecting the two pieces is especially sturdy and will not break apart easily.


  • This could have used a cover over it to protect the rod.
  • The knife feature is protruding and can poke at people if it is not stored properly.

This Cable and Case fire starter is effective enough to work well when getting different fires ready. When used properly, it makes it easier for anyone to get out there and prepare a fire as necessary without being too hard to use.


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