Best Tactical Hatchet: A Guide!

When working with a tactical hatchet, you only need to work with the best option that is suitable for your survival requirements. It has to be sharp, compact and efficient. There are many good tactical hatchets that you can use right now when looking for something that is ideal for your general survival demands.

Best Tactical Hatchet: Team's Choice

Tactical hatchets might come in a variety of forms but they can always be essential for your demands when out in the wild. A great tactical hatchet can help you out for when you need to cut through ropes, when you have to split wood and even when you need to shave wood materials. A hatchet can also work for your survival needs if you have to escape from a vehicle for whatever reason.

You must think about what you plan on using your hatchet for as you get it to work for your needs. For instance, the Kershaw 1073X tactical hatchet is an option that is ideal for when you are trying to shave surfaces off of trees.

You need to look at the design of the hatchet to see if it is appropriate for the needs that you hold. You should especially see that it’s something that can be used quickly enough in the event of an emergency.

Hatchet Construction

The body of one of these tactical hatchets should be checked carefully. A good tactical hatchet can come with a small size that is compact and easy to work with. A great model can especially come with a twelve to sixteen-inch length so it will be easy for you to hold onto.

A blade that is about two to four inches long also helps as it will give you a good cutting space without being too hard to handle or use. The SOG F01TN-CP tactical hatchet is about 15.75 inches long and has a blade that is about 2.75 inches long, for instance.

Some models may also be retractable. This is perfect if you have a good cover to go over the blade so it doesn’t puncture anything.


The materials used to make up one of these tactical hatchets can be relatively varied. You can find some hatchets that are made with stainless steel, for instance. This material is best for the blade as it is a sharp material that will last for a long time and will not be at risk of wearing out or weakening in any form. You may still have to sharpen this on occasion but it will at least be rather easy for you to work with to ensure that there’s nothing wrong with getting it ready.

A polymer handle can also be added to the hatchet. A polymer material may come with a solid body but it can also come with a grooved surface. It’s typically best to find something that has grooves on it so it will be easier to carry around and use. This is to keep you from losing control of the hatchet while in use.

A carrying sheath may also be added to your hatchet. It can be made from many fabrics but it is typically best to look for a reinforced nylon material among other items to help you with carrying it around. This in turn ensures that the hatchet will not be at risk of puncturing out of the holder and possibly harming someone.

Some securing screws can also be added to the product. These handles may help you out by giving you an easier time with keeping it all intact and easy to carry around. When used well, it will be easy for you to make this work in accordance with your carrying needs.


Given the small size that you have read about already, it is clear that the best tactical hatchet that you can use will typically come with a light weight. This is to make it easier for you to hold it while also being easy to carry around when not in use.

That is, it should not add far too much weight as you are trying to carry it around. The Etrading Tactical Survival Axe is an example of this in that it is only about two and a half pounds in weight.

The reinforced metal materials used on the blade should be light enough to where you can easily handle this for a variety of requirements. If used carefully, it will give you a great hold without adding more stress onto the process of using it. This can add a great material that is easy to follow without being all that rough or otherwise challenging for you to manage.

Best Tactical Hatchet: Editor's Choice

The Schrade SCAXE5 Full Tang Tactical Hatchet is made with a retractable body. It has a 6.4-inch length on the handle as well as when it is closed.

When it is opened, it will reveal a blade made with powder-coated SK5 carbon stainless steel. This will allow the hatchet to stay functional without being at risk of going dull.

The handle is made with a nylon material while also using a glass base. This allows for a strong handle. There are also some gripping features on the handle to help with making it easier for the hatchet to be carried around.


  • The retractable feature is particularly helpful for storage purposes but it works best when the nylon cover is added.
  • With a head length of 3.1 inches, this allows for a strong cover space.


  • The gripping features on the handle might be tough to handle when you are trying to handle this in wet conditions.

You can use this hatchet quite well for when you need something for survival purposes. When used right, it will create a strong setup that is easy to work with and won’t be far too hard to handle. More importantly, it ensures that you are prepared for anything that might come about while in the wild.


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