Best Tactical Tomahawk: Best of 2016

The tomahawk might seem like a simple product to carry around but it can make a real difference when it comes to your survival needs. A great tomahawk has to be light in weight and yet sharp enough to cut through many items. There are plenty of good tomahawks for you to find today with a number of ideal features for your use.

Main Uses

You will come across utility and throwing tomahawks when finding these products. Throwing tomahawks are clearly designed for hunting purposes but utility tomahawks are certainly more important in that they can be used for more than just hunting.

A utility tomahawk can help you with getting a grip on hard rock surfaces, cutting down tree branches and other thick items and even with cutting or breaking apart large rope materials.

You can even use one of these tomahawks to help you out when escaping a vehicle. This is for cases where your vehicle might be submerged in water or you might be in a situation where you cannot easily open up a car due to damages or a fire. Be sure to consider what you plan on doing with your tomahawk when looking for one.

The Head

The head on your tomahawk should be easy to manage. You will typically find single-sided heads with one sharp point but you might find some double-headed ones where both halves are sharp. The double-headed option is great for contact purposes but you have to be cautious with one of these.

Some pointed ends can be used on the head as well. A pointed end can be used as a pick for many sharp purposes. The MTech USA MT-AXE8 is a good example of something that has a pointed end. The pointed feature on the tomahawk can help you out with getting a clear cut going without being far too hard to manage.

The Edge

The cutting edge on your tomahawk can make a real difference. This is a surface that can influence how well it cuts through items. A model with a narrow cutting edge will go deep into items without much force. This may be better for when you’re trying to cut through heavy items. It’s also ideal for when you’re trying to get out of a vehicle in the event of an emergency.

Some holes may be found near the edge. These holes are designed to reduce the weight of the tomahawk so it will be easier to manage while still having a strong edge. The holes on the SOG F06TN-CP Fasthawk are clearly visible but they will not keep the edge from being easy to handle.

Some tomahawks may be sold with covers to help protect the edge and blade when the tomahawk is not in use. The cover must still be strong and thick enough to where the blade will not puncture through. The edge has to stay strong and sharp if the tomahawk is to actually keep on working.

The Shaft

You’re clearly going to need a sturdy handle for your tomahawk so it can work properly. Your tomahawk must feature a good handle with a length from 20 to 50cm on average. A longer handle can give you more control while adding extra force onto your tomahawk. However, that longer handle will also make it heavier. Still, a long handle is ideal for when you need a tomahawk for cutting down trees, doors or locks.

Meanwhile, a smaller length can be used on a tomahawk for when you need to be a little more precise and accurate when cutting small items. A smaller handle works for longer hikes, what with it being lighter in weight.

It will also be great for when you need to escape a vehicle for emergency purposes. The Camillus Cutlery 19150 tomahawk is clearly on the smaller end of the spectrum so it will be perfect for these purposes.

The handle needs to have a good grip on it as well. A smooth wooden handle can often be found but you can always find something made with a metallic material. Some grooved features may also be added on a handle to make it easier to hold onto without being at risk of losing your grip.

The handle should always be checked as you need the grip on your tomahawk to stay consistent. A tomahawk with a poor grip can turn dangerous due to how unwieldy the product may be and how it can potentially hurt other people depending on how it is used.

Best Tomahawk: Editors' Choice

The best option to look for when finding a tomahawk is the US Marine Elite Tactical Bruiser Survival Tomahawk Axe. This is a 15-inch or 38cm model that is designed as a tactical product that works for many survival demands.​

​This product has a grooved handle and a sharp point on the opposite end of the head. The model is held together with secure bolts that will not wear out while the product itself is a little less than three pounds in weight. This ensures that the tomahawk can be carried and used to your demand.


  • The grooved handle is consistent and will keep you from losing your grip.
  • The ends on the head are very sharp and will not become dull all that easily provided that you maintain this well enough.
  • This even comes with its own compass that you can use for survival purposes.


  • Although it is light in weight, this does not have any holes on the head so it will not allow for any added support.
  • This can be used for throwing if needed but it may not be effective at it, what with the two halves of the head being designed differently from one another.

This tomahawk will be useful if you are looking to go hunting or if you need something for survival needs. Endorsed by the US Marines, it has a great handle and will help you out with many things in a pinch.


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