Best Tactical Watches: The Best on the Market!

There are all kinds of tactical watches to look for with many of them offering different features to help you out when you are outdoor navigating all sorts of spaces. You must have a watch that offers many display features and is also very easy for you to work with and use as necessary.

What Does the Display Feature?

The display on one of these watches can be rather varied in terms of what you might find on it. A good display can come with a great digital readout that is easy to see but sometimes an analog display might work just as well.

Either way, the display needs to be powered by a strong battery that will be reliable and stay intact for a while. The Infantry Night Vision IN-050-BLK-R watch has a mix of both an analog and digital display on its face, for instance. The digital display on this watch can work as a timer while the analog display shows the current time.

What Functional Features Are Offered?

Any tactical watch can give you the time of day. However, you need to find a watch that can give you more functions like a display for the day and month or a smaller dial that can show the seconds as they tick.

A timer feature may also be used on a watch to help keep track of times in between different things. A stopwatch feature can especially measure time in very small increments if needed although in most cases you only need to use the seconds and minutes on the stopwatch for typical outdoor activities.

You might even find some watches that can review the direction you are in with a compass feature. You could even use something that shows your current altitude level and even the barometric pressure in an area.

The Suunto Core Wrist-Top Computer Watch uses these particular features as one example of a watch that can handle a variety of items on its screen and can review the pressure and altitude levels among other points to make it more functional and useful.

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best tactical watches

Can You Use It In Water?

While you are outdoors, there is a good chance that you might get into a situation where conditions might be rather wet. With that in mind, you need to look at the water rating on a watch.

The water rating refers to how deep you can go in water before the watch will stop working. A watch with a deeper depth rating is one that can be brought into such surfaces without the pressure or intensity of the water getting in the way. This is especially important if you are going to be in any watery spots.

The water rating will be listed in meters or feet to show how deep into a body of water you can use this in. The Casio GA100-1A1 watch has a water rating of 200 meters, for example. With that in mind, it can be taken about 200 meters into the water before it will stop working.

Look At the Light

Tactical watches are often made with additional lights on their bodies. A light can be added to such a watch to make it easier for you to see it in the dark.

The light will typically be accessible through a small button on the side of the watch. This will allow for the light to appear on one side of the watch but some models may feature much brighter designs that feature lights that will quickly light up the entire face on the watch. This is typically powered with an LED bulb in the back to get the light to come all the way out around the entire watch.

The light may also come with an afterglow feature. This means that the light will continue to appear on the face even after you have removed your finger from the button. This can be ideal if you need to get an extended look at the time.

You can even lock the light feature to stay on for as long as needed in some cases. Tactical watches can offer this feature in many cases but such a light can still use up a good deal of battery power depending on the model you use it on.

Can It Handle Magnets?

An anti-magnetic surface may also be added to the watch to protect how it works. That is, it will not stop working in the event that a magnetic field comes into contact with the watch. This is important as it can allow you to use a compass or other item with ease and without the risk of interference.

Editor’s Choice for the Best Tactical Watch

best tactical watches

The Palada T7005G watch is an outdoor tactical watch with an arc shape. It is made with a TPU band that is easy to wear and uses a transparency glass face that will not scratch easily. It has a water rating of 50 meters.

The lighting features on the watch allow for it to naturally light up when it is dark out. This allows it to show the time even when it is dark in an area.

The digital display especially makes it so you won’t struggle to try and see what the time is when looking at it.


  • This uses a back light that can be used as necessary to light the entire watch up without using much battery power.
  • The chronograph helps you to quickly time things.
  • You can use a daily alarm or even an hourly alarm. These can be set with the buttons on the side of the watch.


  • It can take a bit of time to get used to the directional features on the outside part of the watch’s face.
  • The lighting feature works best when the battery is full.
  • The stainless steel clasp needs to be secured properly before this can work. It can be tough to close it up if your wrist is too large.

You can get this watch from Palada to be to your use when you are out in the wild. This watch is easy to wear and will help you out when you need assistance with seeing things in even the toughest conditions while you are outdoors.


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