SA Sports Fever Crossbow: A Review

A convenient crossbow can be important for when you’re out hunting. You can get a crossbow to work efficiently and quickly to take down a variety of animals without making far too much of a noise when compared with a gun. The SA Sports Fever Crossbow is one particular choice that you deserve to consider for your hunting needs.

SA Sports Fever Crossbow: A Review

The SA Sports Fever Crossbow is a product that features a basic arrangement that is easy to manage without being overly heavy. This is a crossbow that features a base weight of 4.85 pounds. It is about 31 inches long without a foot stirrup and is 27 inches wide from one limb tip to the other.

This is made with a compression fiberglass material. It is strong enough to handle in most situations but it won’t be too hard to manage as it does not weigh all that much. The fiberglass will not crack apart or wear out quickly.

The string length on this model is about 26.5 inches long. This should be enough to provide you with pressure and force to help with taking on even the most difficult or stubborn animals.

The design of the product makes it to where it could technically be handled like a traditional rifle or shotgun. The design uses its own scope as well. However, this product is different primarily for how it works with arrows instead.

Still, this is a comfortable and easy to handle product that will help you out with getting your hunting experience to be more successful. This only works if you can handle it right so make sure you look carefully to see what is available.

Handling Arrows

The crossbow does quite well when it comes to taking care of arrows. This uses a quick detach quiver that helps you with securing the arrows that can work with this. The product comes with four arrows although you can always add your own to it as needed.

It is best to use a 16-inch 2219 aluminum arrow or a 20-inch carbon arrow when using this crossbow. The four arrows that come with this are 16-inch 2219 aluminum arrows. You can order other arrows for use on your crossbow as you see fit.

The arrows can be shot out rather quickly as well. You can get the arrows to be shot by about 240 fps on average. This works well provided that the setup is secured carefully enough. The string is powerful enough to where it can be easily stretched out and managed carefully.

The speed is good enough to force at least 40 ft-lbs of energy onto a target. This is enough to take care of many types of deer although it works best on small and medium-size deer. This product is especially great for when you’re trying to target smaller prey like squirrels and rabbits. It generates enough pressure from the arrow’s speed without causing the smaller prey to be completely destroyed and therefore worthless for your use.

Easy to Carry

At a base weight that is less than five pounds, this is easy to carry around as you can use it to take care of all kinds of hunting activities. The shoulder strap is also padded so you won’t feel far too much pressure as you are carrying this around.

The rear stock works perfectly for right and left-handed shooters alike. The auto safety also works for either hand.

Of course, it goes without saying that this is a lightweight product. It works with a weight of less than five pounds so it can be carried all around the place and used for many hunting excursions. This ensures that you’ll have an easier time with hunting down all sorts of items when used properly.


The aiming feature on the SA Sports Fever Crossbow ensures that you can carefully get this secured as needed. This works with a 4x32 multi-reticle scope. The scope will feature a series of lines on the inside to help guide you as you are aiming the crossbow.

It works well at a variety of distances and can even help you out with targets that are closer to forty yards away from you. Naturally, the product is more effective when you are closer to the target but the speed of the arrow will certainly help it to move quickly and effectively.

Pros & Cons

You should take a closer look at a few important points relating to this crossbow before buying it as there are good and bad points alike to see:


  • The speed that can be generated is consistent and will take care of many types of prey as you see fit.
  • The straps and other features added here will ensure a good fit.
  • The camo color pattern is especially useful as it creates a strong look that keeps the bow from being far too easy to see in most situations.
  • It doesn’t take much for you to load arrows onto this bow.


  • While this can potentially take down a deer at 25 to 40 yards, this might not work as well with much larger deer. A more powerful crossbow may be required for some of the largest prey.
  • The types of arrows that are supported by the bow are varied but it’s best to stick with the 16 and 20-inch aluminum and carbon options if you want to get a good hunting experience out of this product.

The SA Sports Fever Crossbow is a great product that can help you out with many hunting activities. It is easy to carry around and won’t be too much of a challenge to work with as needed.

Be sure to try this option out the next time you are out in the hunting field. It is an effective crossbow that lets you aim it well and can especially be ideal for when you’re trying to hunt down all sorts of prey.


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