Teton Sports Explorer 4000: A Review

A quality backpack is critical for your camping or outdoor needs. The Teton Sports Explorer 4000 is a popular option that will provide you with plenty of space for all of your outdoor equipment and will especially be easy to carry around while outdoors. It especially protects the items on the inside while also be easy to adjust.

Tenton Sports Explorer 4000: A Review

The Teton Sports Explorer 4000 is a backpack that is designed particularly for outdoor use. It is a backpack that uses a large rectangular body and is still light in weight.

The backpack is measured at 32x18x12 inches and weighs about five pounds when fully empty. It has a capacity total of 4,000 cubic inches or 65 liters. This uses an internal frame to keep all of its parts intact so it will stay strong and powerful no matter what you might try and carry it through.

It also uses a torso fastener that helps with securing the bag on one’s body. It uses this alongside the traditional arm straps to keep the bag secured to your body so it will not bump around or cause items on the inside to shift.

It all comes with a number of compartments all around the place. These include not only the main ones in the central or middle part of the bag but also some compartments on the sides that allow you to carry many items including a water bladder of up to three liters in capacity.


You will not have to worry about any real discomfort while carrying this backpack around in a variety of places. The Teton Sports Explorer 4000 is made with plenty of padding materials to help you carry it around without being roughed up as you are using it.

The shoulder straps can be adjusted based on your height as well. This allows it to support a variety of torso lengths. This means that you will keep the backpack easy to carry around wherever you go. The waist feature can also be adjusted to help you keep the backpack secured around your waist. Again, this is to keep it from bumping around on your body while you are using it.

There are a few molded aluminum stays along the body of the backpack as well. These also help you with securing items to make it easier to carry.

The airflow system on the padded back allows for plenty of ventilation. It helps to get air to move around the back and to improve how your body can respond to heat. This in turn ensures that you can easily carry this around without overheating from all that pressure or stress that can come about as you are carrying the bag.


The storage features on the inside of this backpack are very convenient and useful for you to have. You can use this backpack to store a variety of items including a three-liter water bladder. This particular water storage item is featured on the inside of the bag against the back. This makes it easier for you to access the water as needed.

The backpack can also store an assortment of attachments thanks to different clips. These are made with sturdy aluminum materials so they will not wear out or otherwise be harder to handle than needed.

In addition, the storage features include a series of pouches and pockets arranged all around the entire bag to create a stronger approach to storage that you can certainly benefit from. This product works with a strong setup that is easy to follow and won’t be hard to manage.

This even has two separate hook spaces for walking sticks. These will accommodate sticks of many sizes to ensure that you’ll have something to use without it snapping apart or otherwise wearing out.

The lower part of the bag has its own sleeping bag compartment. This uses compression straps to keep the gear organized and stored carefully so you can bring out your bag as needed.

This is all made with a strong aluminum frame. This will keep your backpack secure and safe from all sorts of harm over time. The aluminum design won’t add far too much weight to the backpack either, thus ensuring that it will keep your items intact and secure for as long as possible.


The fabric on the Teton Sports Explorer 4000 is very soft and easy to carry around. When used properly, it will be easier for the backpack to be used carefully and with relative ease. The best part is that the fabric will not tear apart quickly or wear out far too fast, thus allowing for a strong and easy to carry body that you will enjoy having.

Pros & Cons

There are a few final points that you should look into when checking out this product:


  • This is good enough for a trip that can take about two to five days, what with its various storage spaces.
  • The adjustable features are easy to configure as you can quickly get this to become tighter or looser as needed.
  • You will not feel too hot when you use this properly, what with the fabric having plenty of ventilation points all around.


  • Although the torso adjustment feature is easy to handle, it won’t fit everyone. This only goes you to 6’4” in height and goes down to 5’1” so those who are too small or big for it will have to find something else.
  • The product can only handle one particular water bladder at a time although it is a pretty big one.

The great features of the Teton Sports Explorer 4000 backpack make it an ideal option to have when you’re going out in the wild for any purpose. This backpack is easy to adjust and will provide you with enough space for many items as needed.

Be sure to try this option out when looking for something that is comfortable and easy to carry around while still offering enough storage for anything that you want to carry around, thus being very easy to manage.


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